When we speak of brand muscle, we're focused on activating your brandingFirst,  articulating and making the brand promise visible and irresistible to your customers and influencers. And, second, pushing the brand forward with selected tools--delivering that promise.

Today, there's not a tool box, or even a tool shed, large enough to house all the marketing channel, platform, tactic, and KPI options out there. And that's good news. Because we select the best to create traditional and digital marketing programs that illuminate your brand so it's seen . . . so it's powerful.

Our team’s experience in energizing brands is diverse.
We've served up brands for cheese, seafood, pasta, beer, and baked goods (yum!).

We've rebranded a furniture company. An independent living community. And  clinical laboratory networks.

We've sharpened the branding, collateral and website for a surgical instruments company.  And hit new heights with acoustical ceilings campaigns.

We’re pros at rousing markets. For Fortune 500 companies. And for flyweight brands just getting their wings. 


Isn't it time to show your brand muscle?  Contact Mayhorne Marketing today. 


Andersen & Stauffer

Branding, Identity, Website and Print Ads

These talented craftsmen of reproduction antique furniture needed to come out of the woodwork and show the world who they were. A “new” vintage identity, a striking website that touted their talents while showcasing their creations, and witty print ads escorted the firm into the 21th century.

* Some of the featured samples were developed while team members were engaged with other firms. All projects and client relationships were managed by Stacy Mayhorne. 


Dental Promotion, FSA Enrollment Kit, Annual Giving Reports

Every year, Aetna upgrades its member and sponsor health insurance marketing to ensure it’s relevant and keeps the individual front and center. Design and content flowed from corporate branding guidelines. Yet, the take-away of being individual-centric comes across in the photography and content loud and clear.

Fairfield University

Education Marketing: Branding, Undergrad Viewbook and Search Piece; Graduate School Outreach

Re-casting the university put forth its strength as an institution that provides both a personal and powerful educational experience. Undergrad materials gave an up-close look at the school’s educational offerings and stunning New England campus. Graduate school promotion featured key faculty, driving home the personal delivery of its programs.