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Pacific Diagnostic Laboratories

Branding, Positioning and Tagline; Brochures and Newsletter; Bus Ads; Professional Writing Services

This full-service clinical laboratory network in Central Coast and Southern California faces stiff competition and needs to deepen its imprint with medical practitioners and patients alike. We created a friendlier, human-centric brand, distinguishing the lab from competitors, while accentuating the quality of its services. We’re happy to report business is up!

Ambler Surgical

Branding, Positioning and Tagline; Website Design; Copy Development

Standing out as the premiere supplier of specialty surgical instruments can be a tough task. You need to stay sharp! We built an inviting look, hierarchy, and brand voice letting surgical practices know that Ambler is their smarter source for instruments.

Andersen & Stauffer

Branding, Identity, Copywriting, Website and Print Ads

These talented craftsmen of reproduction antique furniture needed to come out of the woodwork and show the world who they were. A “new” vintage identity, a striking website that touted their talents while showcasing their creations, and witty print ads escorted the firm into the 21st century.

Live site:



Email Campaign, eDoc, PPC Ads; Design and Copy Development

We paved the way for this natural stone importer to inform landscape contractors of its special inventory and services. An email marketing campaign with a custom downloadable Contractor’s Handbook establishes Stoneworks as an regional leading source in natural stone and builds brand awareness. A PPC campaign works in tandem, promoting the brand to build online visibility and authority.


Tradeshow Ad, Exhibit Display + Copywriting

A leader in perforated acoustical gypsum panels, GypSorb connects with potential customers at industry tradeshows. We developed advertising and an economical desktop display with a singular message to reach buyers at these busy venues.

The Home Improvement Coach

Website Strategy, Professional Writing Services + Content

Content and design overhaul on this consumer site competitively positioned this growing firm as a local home remodeler of choice, providing a unique option in the category. We flagged how this remodeler is different through specific content, including a listicle, aimed at homeowners.

Live site:

Chew Bittel

Consumer Brochure—Art Direction and Copywriting

Residential and commercial roofer Chew Bittel operates in a very competitive locale. This capabilities brochure, distributed at a consumer home show, builds the case for homeowners to select the family-owned, local roofer, skilled in construction and steeped in service.

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